Child Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst


Psychotherapist West BloomfieldPsychotherapy (2-3 times per week) and Psychoanalysis (a more intensive therapy schedule of 4 to 5 times per week) aides in the understanding of early experiences especially when those experiences are having a negative impact in a child’s life. By taking our time with children, listening to their feelings and thoughts, watching their play, Child therapists can help children, in “bearable bits”.  Through the help of therapy, gradually children can integrate what is confusing to them. Often times, children develop mix-ups about things that they experienced when very little, or things that they were witness to. Therapy helps children sort things out.

When a child has troubles in everyday life, they are left feeling badly about themselves. Their self-esteem suffers & they lose confidence. Sometimes, only with the help of treatment can a child feel that they can face the often powerful feelings that are causing their troubles. Treatment allows children to face what is difficult, achieve mastery & gain a feeling of success.

Child therapy can be wonderfully helpful to children who have had medical intervention, surgeries, have been born with physical anomalies, or in some way are struggling with events that were of course out of their or your control.

All sessions are 45-minutes in duration.  Because the appointment is reserved for you (or your child), and this commitment on both of our parts is a most important aspect of what makes therapy successful, it is policy to charge for appointments not canceled with 72-hour notice (3 days) in advance.  Fees would only be waived, if a cancellation is occasioned by circumstances, which we would both define as an emergency, and then discussed and mutually agreed upon.

Psychotherapist West Bloomfield

Psychotherapist West Bloomfield