Dealing with the Trauma of Coronavirus

Feeling overwhelmed due to the uncertainty about Coronavirus and “what might be” is a very normal reaction, and completely understandable. Coronavirus can leave many of us feeling traumatized.

If you are a first responder, or a physician, nurse, or other professional on the front line managing patients with Covid 19, please know that professional help is available to you to help you cope with the trauma you have been faced with. If you have been a Covid-19 patient or caregiver of a patient (family or otherwise), please know that professional help is available to you, too.

Coronavirus Trauma Reactions are Real

Trauma reactions are real, and can be quite frightening but are also very treatable. In addition, struggling with feelings of Isolation, or having worries about losing a job and lost income, are all too familiar right now in the world.

We will all find ourselves looking to our closest family members and trusted friends. But often we will need more. Reaching out to professionals to help us make sense of things is exactly what we should do.

What we are all experiencing does not make much sense. That is the hallmark of traumatic experience. We were so blindsided by the swift , fast progression of this virus.

So, be open and patient with yourself, if you have fears, concerns, worries. And by all means, seek answers. Even though many of us are on “shelter in place” and “stay at home” orders, and are not able to go to someones home or to a professionals’ office, Video conferencing and phone calls with friends can ease tensions just as Telehealth is a viable option for mental health care.

It can often feel so frustrating to not have answers to the boundless questions we begin having. We find ourselves with many “what if” or “I just don’t know the answer” scenarios filling our mind. Finding your way through this with someone you can depend upon and trust can help you to feel more on top of things. Feelings that traumatic events bring out in us can take its toll when it is not dealt with and you keep these big feelings inside. Doing so can result in depression, anxiety, and physical reactions.

Watching the news and spending time on social media may help to an extent (and particularly if social media helps you to connect with those who are important to you). But focusing on the continuous flow of information about coronavirus may only be making you more anxious and fueling the anger that can be counter productive.

Professional Help for Coronavirus Trauma, Stress, Isolation & Emotions

If you feel that your own emotional health is being affected, or you have had a history of emotional difficulties it is so important to reach out to a professional.

There is a lot of advice swirling around on the internet. In fact we can all feel quite inundated with how many “to do” and “not to do” lists we are seeing or hearing about. What is most important is that the advice from a professional can be personalized. That is what makes it so special, so important and overall so helpful.

Coronavirus – Covid 19- has unfortunately had a traumatizing effect on so many of us. This may be because you have had a history of traumatic experiences in your past, or because you were dealing with a trauma when this new trauma occurred. Either way, you deserve the healing effects of professional help.

I am happy to help you. I also offer Video Appointments that can be conducted on your schedule from the safety and convenience of your home. Please feel free to contact me.

Victoria Schreiber, MA

A Detroit Area Therapist Can Help You with Coronavirus Trauma

There is no need to fell helpless as you deal with the trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, or other challenges of the current coronavirus pandemic. I am an experienced trauma therapist – and I am here to help you.

With a warm, thoughtful, supportive and caring approach I will be happy to work with you to help you deal with the emotional and psychological toll of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trauma Therapist Victoria Schrieber: 248-476-4515

Victoria Schreiber

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