Life can be very challenging.

Parenting can be challenging.

Therapy can help.

With a warm, thoughtful, and caring approach I will help you overcome your and/or your child’s difficulties and gain greater insight into the issues underlying them.
My goal is to help you or your child understand yourselves better, form healthier relationships, and live a happier and more productive life.
• Adoption
• Mourning & Grief
• Divorce
• Parent Guidance
• Parenting Consultations
• Parenting Issues
• Child Development
• Depression & Anxiety
• Autistic Spectrum Issues
• Separation Anxiety
• Attachment Disorder
• School Behavior Issues
• Trauma & Abuse
• Sexual Molestation
• Pregnancy & Infertility
• Pre & Post-natal Issues
• Loss of a Baby
• Consultations to Schools

Victoria Schreiber
Psychotherapist West Bloomfield

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst

Psychoanalysts are often asked what it is that we do. The easiest answer is that we try to help promote the understanding of your inner emotional life. We use talking – or with children we use play while talking – to help people understand their feelings and worries. Psychoanalysis offers a means to understand WHY you feel the way that you do. Past memories can and do affect behaviors, and when sorted out relief can take place.

If you or your child are dealing with personal issues, are worried, depressed, scared, or in a crisis – or if you are simply interested in understanding yourself and your patterns of behavior – I can help. Your problems do not necessarily have to be severe to justify making the first call for help.

I am committed to helping you work in the most meaningful way toward reaching your full potential!

Psychotherapist West Bloomfield